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DICE doesn't run at all.

If your copy of Windows is Windows 9X/ME or NT3/NT4/2000, there's no chance to run the DICE on it. (The installer will reject installation anyway.)

Almost all troubles in the boot sequence are logged in a log file found in the "log" folder under the DICE folder. It tells you what's wrong with your configuration.


DICE stops with "invalid class string" or "invalid COM string" errors in a log file.

It suggests one of COM components installed in Windows such as MSXML 3.0 that the DICE depends on is not configured properly. Since the current version of the DICE doesn't install a new COM component in your system, you have to reinstall Windows or a component that has a problem by yourself.


DICE suddenly hangs or crashes.

If your DICE is not the latest version, uninstall the old one and install the latest one. If malfunction occurs in the latest version, please report it to the author with details.


There are plenty of ping timeouts/connection resets in channels.

Kernel memory (non-paged pool) available in your system may be insufficient to maintain network sessions. Stop other applications that are consuming kernel memory (See Task Manager). Also you can tweak TCP/IP parameters in registry (keep-alive, retransmission, etc.) or the DoS protection scheme in Windows, see Microsoft Knowledge Base for details. If it doesn't work, you have to upgrade your network hardware such as a router.


Nobody can connect to my DICE server from the internet.

Check the firewall status to see whether the port of the related service is open. Browse Network and Internet Connections in Control Panel of Windows. If the related port is not open, set an appropriate rule on the firewall software and open it to the internet.

If your PC is behind a NAT router, try to enable UPnP in its options. Alternatively you can add port forwarding rules to it manually.

If you are not behind a firewall or a NAT yet nobody can connect from WAN, consult your ISP about port blocking and change the port to another number.


When I run the DICE, another application running on the same machine starts malfunctioning. Sometimes I can't even make IRC or HTTP (Web) servers in the DICE start listening.

As the DICE uses network port numbers 80, 443, 6667 in the default setting, if you run other applications that use these ports such as Skype, World Wide Web Publishing Service (IIS), the folder sharing service of Windows on the same machine, the DICE or the other application does not work properly. In such a case, change port numbers used by the DICE or the other application.


While installing DICE I got "An error occured during the installation of assembly component {303994BA-6487-47AE-AF1D-7AF6088EEBDB}. HRESULT: -2147024894".

It can happen when your Registry database is locked by other applications such as Registry Watcher. Make sure that the Registry of your Windows system is writable by the DICE installer.