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Jan. 15, 2008

DICE version build 2007122201 has been released.

Implemented UPnP port mapping
Dropped Windows 2000 support
Added proper Windows Vista support
Removed DICEAdminShell
Added DICE Manager
Changed formats of configuration files and resource files, unified the encoding into UTF-8
Separated log folders for each protocol
Implemented locale resolver dependent on the system culture name
Unified all banned hosts that were separated for each protocol
[IRC] Implemented server-side logging
[IRC] Removed +w channel mode in favor of the new server-side logger
[IRC] Removed +x channel mode in favor of a new configuration option
[HTTP] Implemented the web UI as the DICE User Control Panel based on the DICE Presentation Framework
[HTTP] Implemented HTTP over SSL (HTTPS)
[HTTP] Implemented remote file download manager in the DICE User Control Panel
[HTTP] Implemented CAPTCHA for the DICE User Control Panel
[HTTP] Updated the Web IRC Client with the DICE Presentation Framework

Please see the release notes for the complete changelog.


What's the DICE?

DICE : IRC-aware Web Server for Microsoft Windows®

The DICE is a multi-protocol web server that can accept 3 kinds of network clients: IRC clients, OpenNap clients, and web browsers. IRC is a protocol for pure text chat experience while OpenNap is a peer-to-peer directory-publishing service.

In addition to the standard web server functions as a public interface to a file system within a computer, the DICE can host realtime text chat channels that are simultaneously accessible from all kinds of clients that it supports, even including web browsers.

The framework of the DICE is exclusively designed for Windows as a robust server OS. It is fully multi-threaded and asynchronous to exploit the performance of modern multicore processors. Realworld tests show it can host thousands of concurrent connections on a normal PC.

The DICE runs as a Windows Service application in the background. Most of administration tasks can be executed via its web user interface remotely accessible by a web browser.


Typical Usage Scenarios

The DICE enables you to:

+ Open chat rooms people can join in with IRC clients, opennap clients, and web browsers

+ Open a private hub where users can search and transfer files to each other with opennap clients

+ Open your own web site with dynamic pages written in C#, VisualBasic.NET and Perl.

You can host all these activities simultaneously with one DICE running on your PC.


Key Features


+ RFC 1459/2812 compliant IRC server (See here for the list of modifications to the RFC spec)
+ HTTP 1.1 (RFC2616)-compliant web server
+ OpenNap-compliant directory-publishing service
+ Runs as Windows Service
+ Fully optimized to Windows OS and multicore processors with multithreading and advanced I/O
+ Compatible with Windows Firewall in Windows XP SP2 / Windows Server 2003 SP1
+ Fully supports Windows Vista
+ UPnP port mapping for NAT traversal


+ Fully customizable AJAX-based web UI and multi-locale text resources in XML
+ Secure remote administration via Web UI over SSL (certificate required)
+ .NET web application container with on-demand C#/VB.NET/JScript source compilation
+ Fast Perl CGI execution by an embedded Perl interpreter
+ Bulit-in user control panel in the web UI provides persistent membership management
+ CAPTCHA image-based authentication against account registration spam
+ Remote file download manager among administration tools in the web UI


+ Interoperability of IRC clients and opennap clients in channels
+ Customizable Web IRC Client by Flash and JavaScript
+ IRC User Shell provides persistent nick / channel management
+ IRC host-spoof proxy scanner (SOCKS4/5/Wingate/HTTP)
+ IRC over SSL and normal IRC through a single listening port
+ Customizable multi-locale IRC text resources in XML
+ Unique hostname masking that hides user IP addresses in IRC
+ Built-in spam-killer bot against private message spam
+ Channel creation lock and forced channel join
+ Comprehensive server-side channel activity logging



+ Microsoft Windows XP / Windows Server 2003 / Windows Vista

The DICE can't be executed on legacy OSes such as Windows NT3/NT4/2000 and Windows 95/98/ME.

+ .NET Framework 2.0

Though the DICE itself doesn't need it, the DICE Manager support application and .NET web application hosting in the DICE depend on it. It's installed in Windows Vista by default. Otherwise it's available via automatic Windows update at Microsoft Update or from Microsoft.



The DICE is developed and maintained by RyuK - email:

Please email the author if you find a problem or a suggestion.